What Kind of Roatan Property is Right for You?

Lot 6 Keyhole Bay Roatan

The Roatan property market is very diverse.  There really is something for everyone.  While this is a positive element, it can also make the search for your perfect property slightly overwhelming.  An important first step is to get a clear understanding of your own requirements and be able to articulate them to your Realtor.  We have put together a series of questions that will serve as an excellent starting point for this discussion.  As always, the advice and guidance of an experienced Realtor is essential to avoiding pitfalls that exist in any foreign property market.

Herein, the ZeUs ‘Top Five’ questions you should consider before beginning your Roatan property search.  We hope you find this information helpful.  When you are ready to begin your search you can turn to us for expert guidance at ZeUs Roatan Real Estate, and we can discuss the process and next steps more thoroughly.

With Tropical Inspiration,

The ZeUs Team

Number 5 - Vision and Timeline

There are many reasons to invest in property on Roatan. Your intent and timeline will be significant in deciding which kind of property to purchase and where. 

Some questions to consider when crystallizing your vision for property ownership on Roatan:

  • Have you been to the island before and are you familiar with the different areas of the island?
  • Do you plan to relocate and live full time on the island? Or are you interested in buying a rental property that will yield return on investment in the vacation rental market? 
  • Do you want a second home in which to vacation on Roatan until your retirement?  If so, what is your timeline for making a permanent move?
  •  Do you want to build from scratch, take on a renovation project, or do you want to buy a turn-key property? 
  • Do you intend to invest in a commercial property? If so, what kind of business are you interested in operating?


Asking yourself these questions and then discussing them with your Realtor will help to make your Roatan property search more enjoyable and greatly increase the probability of finding the property exactly right for you.

Number 4 - Property Type

White Hill Villa Coral Views Pool View Roatan

A rapidly growing tourism economy often correlates with an increase in diversity.  This is certainly true on Roatan.  Attracted by the climate, laid-back lifestyle and natural beauty of the island, people from all around the world now call Roatan home.  The emerging architectural landscape reflects this diversity. 

Traditional island architecture – wooden homes on poles with high peaked rooflines, deep verandas for shade and open plan living to maximize airflow – still prevails.  However, increasingly we are seeing divergence both in terms of building materials and architectural style.  Multi-story condos, expansive cement-rendered ocean-front homes, contemporary and modern concrete, steel and glass, prefab and even Balinese style villas!  An increasing trend towards self-sustaining or low carbon emission building styles is very welcome and there are still vast tracts of green space and undeveloped land if you wish to execute your own unique vision.  

Apart from style, another important consideration is how integrated into an existing community you would like to be.  The gated community with a Home or Condo Owners Association (HOA/COA) is an increasingly popular concept and comes with many advantages such as security, common area maintenance, shared facilities and amenities and a built in community vibe. 

Truly, there is something to suit every aesthetic and lifestyle choice.

Number 3 - Budget and Financing

Budget is always a consideration when investing in real estate.  Taking a mortgage from a Honduran lending institution is not an easy option for foreigners but we do have experience with helping several of our foreign clients secure financing though Honduran banks.  Your budget will usually be defined by the amount you can finance privately or from a lending institution in your home country. If you or your spouse are Honduran, financing is available through local banks and we at ZeUs Roatan Real Estate have experience with working together with our Honduran clients during their bank financing approval process.  Fortunately, the Roatan property market is still very accessible when compared to other Caribbean markets.  There are a wide range of properties available to suit just about any price point.  Entry level condos and lots are available below $100,000 and even the high-end luxury homes and small hotels may surprise you by how affordable they are.  Sometimes a motivated seller will agree to short term owner financing so be sure to ask us about that if you are looking to enter into the market but don’t quite have the cash available.  Sometimes to make that leap towards your dream you need a little helping hand.  We understand that.  After all it is our job to make those dreams become reality. 

Number 2 - Property Management

You want to lay the groundwork for your future but the timing is not yet quite right to leave your home country.  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  We can help you to buy property during an island visit (or even from abroad) and meanwhile take care of your island investment until such time you are ready to make the move.   This is an increasingly popular option and very viable so long as you have a good and trustworthy property manager.   For this reason we created the ZeUs Roatan Property Management branch, so we can offer our clients seamless end-to-end service and ensure that your island investment is well protected.  Our property management service is centred around mid-island and includes: home maintenance, administration of legal and tax issues, rental management, and project management of upgrades and furnishings.  If your property is located in an area that our Property Management branch does not oversee, we can gladly refer you to an expert colleague that tends to that specific area.

Number 1 - Location, Location, Location

Las Sirenas Luxury Beachfront Condo 3, Roatan,

The golden rule for real estate couldn’t be more true on Roatan.  Location is everything. Not only do we have an abundance of geographical diversity on our small island, but cultural diversity as well.  Finding the right location and fit for your lifestyle and/or business concept is crucial.

We love initiating a property search with a new client.  Hearing about your vision and in return sharing our knowledge of the island is so rewarding.  Do you see yourself high on the jungle ridge, with expansive views? Or on the beach with absolute water-frontage? Central to a tourist hotspot where you can access all the amenities by foot? Or in a more remote location, surrounded by nature and with absolute privacy?  From West Bay to Camp Bay and all the communities in between. Is your passion diving, kite surfing, fishing, gardening, or bird watching? We can give you the lowdown on island life and help you find the location and community just right for you.