Why Buy Property on Roatan?


We’ve all had that fantasy at one time or another.  The one that we retreat to when modern urban life overwhelms us.  A tropical island in a distant sea, with white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and palm trees.  The mesmerizing sound of gentle waves against the shore and the caress of soft breeze against bare skin.

Being from Tegucigalpa, (Ale) the capital city of Honduras, and  the industrial capital town of San Pedro Sula (Jessie) we know this fantasy well.  Big city life is hectic!  Many times, we endured long traffic jams, city noise and work stresses by retreating to that beautiful island in our mind.  Then in 2008, we decided to make that fantasy our reality and found, surprisingly, that it was very achievable.  We moved to Roatan, fell in love with the island and made it our home. 

Now we want to share our joined passion of island life and real estate to help make it come true for you too. 

Why buy property in Roatan? Herein the ZeUs ‘Top Five’ reasons.  We hope you find this informative and welcome you to contact us when you are ready to make this fantasy your new reality. 

With Tropical Inspiration,

The ZeUs Team

Reason Number 5 - Accessibility

The Roatan property market is very accessible to foreign buyers and also, despite its increasing popularity as a Caribbean vacation destination, comparatively affordable.  A foreigner can buy land up until 0.75 of an acre through a straightforward title transfer.  Property purchase above 0.75 of an acre is still accessible to foreign buyers by forming a Honduran corporation and buying the property in the name of the corporation.  This is easily achieved with the help of a Honduran attorney and Notary.  Working with a qualified Realtor for land surveying, title checks and general local knowledge is essential to avoiding pitfalls which can exist in any foreign market.   Click here  to read more detail about the property purchase process.

Reason Number 4 - Affordability and Stability

Land prices on Roatan are still very affordable when compared to other Caribbean islands and despite its rapidly increasing popularity as a tourism destination the island retains its authentic rustic charm.  Entry into the Roatan property market is possible below $US100,000 and there really is something for everyone including condos, island-style homes, luxury waterfront villas and commercial properties generating rental income.   Roatan property taxes are very low, at around 0.45% of the property purchase price, and are paid annually in a straightforward transaction at the Roatan Municipal office. Finally, all property ownership is guaranteed by the Honduran Government, demonstrating the stability and security of the market.  

Click here to see the ZeUs featured properties page and here for the Roatan MLS listings.

Reason Number 3 - Climate

The Roatan climate is idyllic.  Year round warm temperatures, a short rainy season and, thanks to its unique geography and location, rarely impacted by hurricanes.   The average temperature range for the winter season is 25 ºC -28 ºC (77 ºF – 83 ºF) and the average summer range is 27 ºC – 30 ºC (80 ºF – 86 ºF).  Rainy season starts in mid-October and can continue sporadically into January.  Thanks to the East-to-West orientation of the island, there is always a leeward side from prevailing winds which means diving the reef is available year round.

Reason Number 2 - Language and Culture

Roatan belongs to the Republic of Honduras and the national language is Spanish. Roatan’s colorful history as a trading base, military stronghold, pirate lair and dive meca has made the island a cultural melting pot.  While Roatan has a large population of mainland spanish-speaking Hondurans, the true ‘islanders’ are english-speaking people  who immigrated from Cayman during a short period of British governance in the 1800’s.  Thanks to Roatan’s international vibe, tourism economy and cultural diversity, English is usually the common language for the majority and remains widely spoken.   This makes it particularly appealing for english-speaking expats who wish to invest and settle here either part or full-time.  The island hospitality, like island smiles, is generous and forthcoming and there are several well-established and welcoming expat communities.  All that remains is for you to come explore Roatan and see which part of the island feels right for you.

Reason Number 1 - Lifestyle

Diver taking pic to a sea turtle

Now we get to the heart of the matter.  Lifestyle.  Because when you buy property on Roatan you are not just buying land.  You are buying a promise of a different life, the #ZeUsLifestyle.  An escape from the rat race, hustle-and-bustle, consumer-driven craziness of that other world that we also like to visit every now and then, but for very short periods of time and then can’t wait to come back to our island home.  On Roatan things move at a different pace.  Our priorities are different.  Shoes go to the bottom of the list and a daily snorkel moves to the top.  Taking time out to sway in a hammock is not an indulgence but a normal part of the daily routine. We connect with nature. We dive. We swim. We fish.  We sail.  We walk barefoot.  We grow exotic tropical fruits (even those of us who never gardened before). We give back to the community through one of many grass-roots organizations.  We stop worrying what people think about our job, car, clothes, or address.  We don’t shovel snow, sit in traffic or ride the subway.  We exist in the moment and live for the beauty of the island.  If that sounds like a change that you want to make, then reach out and connect with us at ZeUs Roatan Real Estate.  We are in the business of making dreams become reality, one closing at a time.